The Voices of Crabtree Lane by Spencer Ratcliff

The author s second novel, based on his experiences traveling and surfing after he quit law, and his relationship with a beautiful photographer. CHIZINE PUBN, Aug 20, 2017 - Fiction - 342 pages.

The Voices of Crabtree Lane

The Voices of Crabtree Lane Spencer Ratcliff


ISBN : 9780956819840


435 pages

1958 was just another blissful, carefree year for the children of Crabtree Lane in the sleepy hamlet of Wyatts Green, Essex. Simply having fun with ‘The Gang’, eating sherbet dabs in the fields, is life itself. But then... Johnny goes missing.In theMore1958 was just another blissful, carefree year for the children of Crabtree Lane in the sleepy hamlet of Wyatts Green, Essex. Simply having fun with ‘The Gang’, eating sherbet dabs in the fields, is life itself. But then... Johnny goes missing.In the dawn of a bitter winter and a cruel new world, teenage innocence is lost forever- life and laughter frozen like the village pond. The young voices of Crabtree Lane are determined to find their missing friend... dead or alive.

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Spencer Ratcliff

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  • The Voices of Crabtree Lane

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Futures(2013) by  Images for Magi: Book of Forsaken FuturesShawn Nichols (Author of Magi) - GoodreadsShawn Nichols is the author of Magi (0. And Forgive Us Our Trespasses, as We Forgive Those Who Trespass. The Voices of Crabtree Lane

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